Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tempe-Durham Trip, Days #3 & #4

We pull out of the rest stop at the western border of Oklahoma at 9 a.m. on November 24th, and the road is VERY bumpy!

I meow a lot whenever the road makes me bounce up and down. It is noisy, too. I do not like it.

We stop at a place that has a lot of Airstreams. I do not know that my Airstream has brothers and sisters! I wish I could find mine.

People #1 buys several parts for Airstream. This is the first time I hear of her needing new parts. Something about a new water pump.

I am glad that all my parts are working fine. They do not need replacing.

We leave the spot with all the Airstreams and come up to a place called Oklahoma City. It has the usual tall things sticking out of the ground.

The road is very bumpy here.

It is a relief to leave the city and return to peace and quiet of the open road. I share a special moment with People #1 to remind him that yes, I do like him sometimes.

OH! I forget to post pictures of me at the rest area in New Mexico, before the big traffic jam. Here they are:

People #2 calls the next one "artsy". It just does not have any color, is all. Whatever!

Now that we have that out of the way, I return to the trip in progress.

We finally cross the border into something with the name Arkansas.

I am stretched full out on the dashboard since the road is smooth and I do not bounce around. You can see I get VERY tired now!

It gets dark and we are still driving. Will we EVER stop?

My Peoples say that they need to "make up for lost time" because of the traffic jam delay in New Mexico.

We cross a big area of water with the name Mississippi. This sounds like a hiss and a spit at the same time!

Truck finally stops and my Peoples bring me into Airstream for a much-needed dinner. Then they leave me for a while. They go somewhere named "Olive Garden" and come back smelling like garlic.

Back on the road, but only for a moment. We stop again so soon, this time for "gas". I do not like starting and stopping much. It is better when we keep going.

I get my wish! We keep going for a very long time. People #2 finally drives while People #1 sleeps. (People #1 does most of the driving.)

Truck makes a loud purr when we go over mountains.

We stop for gas and People #1 gets behind the wheel, and it is People #2's turn to sleep.

The sun comes up. I do not believe that we travel so long. We usually stop somewhere for the night, but this time we keep driving.

We cross over into Virginia.

Just when I think we NEVER stop, we pull over into a parking lot by a place with a sign "Cracker Barrel" which looks very quiet. We all go into Airstream and nap for a couple of hours.

But we do not sleep nearly long enough. Back into Truck, where I start meowing a lot.

Yes, I am very tired, and I want my Peoples to know it! I have a great deal to say on this part of the trip. My Peoples do not really want to hear it, but they have to listen. They are a CAT-tive audience!

As we get close to the last state on our travels, with the name North Carolina, the view outside Truck suddenly gets scary. The ground in the distance is very far below us!

We stop just over the border at the usual place where Peoples and Cars and Trucks gather.

There is an unusually large number of them because it is "Thanksgiving Weekend", my Peoples say. They do not seem too excited about it. I think they are very tired, too.

People #2 does get excited later on when we pass a big hill, Pilot Mountain. Something about a famous show on Idiot Box with whistling at the beginning.

We go through a bunch of big places with buildings sticking up, and the traffic gets really heavy sometimes.

I am SO tired! People #2 insists on taking one last picture of me. I am resigned.

We FINALLY stop at a place with lots of tall trees and other houses with wheels, sort of like Airstream. She is smaller than all the others, but way prettier!

I hope against hope that we do not drive again. (At least, for a while.)

I think that we are here for a long time because we do not leave the next day.

I sleep even more than usual. It feels so good not to be bumped around on the road!

Here is where we are staying:

Soon I tell you about my new kitty neighbors! They live two trailers to the left of Airstream. They get to be outside and I am jealous!


-d ma said...

man oh man that's quite the adventure. you really are a trooper.

Parker said...

I think you lead a great life!

Busby and Raymond said...

Rupert, you would think if your humans went to a place called "Olive Garden" that they would come back to the truck smelling like olives!

Glad you are staying in one place for awhile. We love reading about your travels, but you and your humans need a break from the road!

Cory said...

Hi Rupert, I'm just now getting caught up on your latest adventures...and think it's really sweet of you to give #1 person a kiss.

I'm so impressed to see you snoozing away on the dashboard! I freak out in the car and can hardly last 5 minutes.

brandi said...

You are one handsome and lucky cat. Forget about not having Thanksgiving! You get to travel! And be with your beans!

The Island Cats said...

We love reading about your travels, Rupert! We loved the picture of you stretched out on the dashboard!!

Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr said...

Did your daddy let you drive?

Huffle Mawson said...

You are such an adventure cat Rupert. Where are you going next?

The Crew said...

Oh my Cod!! Rupert, you have such great adventures...and you get to drive, too!

We never get to go anywhere.