Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Rainy Day

Okay, I am getting tired of the rain now. Two days of it is plenty.

I don't like going out and getting wet.

But I DO like sleeping. A lot.

The only advantage of rain is that my wet and muddy paws are purrrfect for making cool patterns on the bedspread.

As you know, interior design is my new thing. Fabrics are my specialty.

My art work is done for the day. Now I'm going to stretch and go back to sleep.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I try my paw at interior decorating

It's raining today. I go in and out many times because I get so wet. I meow to go out, and then I meow to come right back in.

Today I do this every few minutes to keep my People well-trained. And well-exercised.

They also dry me with a warm towel whenever I come in. I pretend not to like it, but I really do. Purrrrrr......

One of People #1's many talents is as an interior designer. Well, I can do that too!

Watch me!!

I think I have a future in fabrics. Especially for chairs. And bedspeads and pillowcases.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Snow

What's this white stuff on the ground? It's COLD!

I'm not sure I like it. Everyone can see exactly where I go. And I don't like getting my paws wet.

It also hides in the trees and on the roof, and comes down to attack me sometimes.

People #2 is pointing that irritating little box at me while I explore the new white world. I think he's going to make a video of my discomfort.

I will humor him I guess. Anything for fame!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm a bad kitty!

Let me count the ways:

1. I'm too lazy about blogging. (I'll be better about posting my incredible adventures from now on, I promise!)

2. I whine when I want to go out. Sometimes at 4 in the morning.

3. I track dirt on my People's bed.

4. I try to bite People #1 and People #2 sometimes when they pull burrs out of my coat. But not really hard.

5. I disappear when my humans want to leave for the day and want to bring me back in from the Woods.

Purrrrrr....I love the People finally get my message that I want to go outside, when they first move here when the weather is very warm.

People #1 is especially smart about this. He says to me, "Rupert, with all this great land spreading out so far and wide with no-one to bother you, you should be able to enjoy the outdoors".

YEAH! It's about time.

I really like catching mice out here in the country. They are more fat and sassy than the town ones in Bisbee, who are wimps.

The mice here give you a run for your money. I like a little challenge. The heat of the chase. The satisfaction of breaking their little necks!

I also catch baby bats. They're just mice with wings.

Word is getting around, though. I am not catching so many mice lately.

People #1 is mad at me now. Early this morning I meow to go out. It is still dark outside. The best time for ME, not for People #1 maybe.

I do not understand this. Why is he still napping in bed?

Why do humans sleep at night? It does not make sense. It is the best time to hunt.

Daytime is the best time to sleep.

I'm keeping a low profile in the other room right now. I will make my People miss me. They seem to like petting me. Well, they can just WAIT!

I've got some pictures to show you. I won't overload you though. There are so many. Seems like People #1 and People #2 love taking pictures of me here In The Woods.

I am told by countless feline (and human!) admirers that I am very photogenic.

I'll post a couple pictures at a time.

Here's a shot of me lounging on top of the sofa in my People's tiny tin house. They call it an "Airstream" trailer.

Here's a picture of me on a bed that my People put out for me in front of the barn this summer. But they take it away after only one day!

Monday, July 2, 2007

I just can't get comfortable... this HEAT.'s a basket....maybe that will help. Especially since I love to scratch that wicker!

Readers assure me that it's a "dry heat". Uh-huh. Yep. Like that's supposed to make me feel better. (Thanks anyway. I mean that.)

But there's something about it which makes my fur clump up. It feels like someone is tying knots all over me.

People#1 keeps cutting on my fur. Every day now. But he always gives me treats afterwards. Pain, then gain. Talk about a mixed message!

Don't look too closely at my picture in the basket, especially on the top of my back. I look like crap. How am I going to attract the ladies in this get-up?

But I'm a sucker for treats. Shameless in my pursuit of them.

Speaking of latest mouse is gone. People#1 tells People#2 that he sees me "going for it" but missing. Thanks a lot, dude! Anyway the critter has disappeared. I hope he didn't die of fright.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cats don't apologize...

...for not writing much in their blogs.

It is HOT here! My fur is very thick. The curse of being a Maine Coon. I am from moist Vancouver and this dry Arizona weather makes my coat matted.

I hate being brushed. Even when People#1 gives me treats afterwards. I just don't like it.

I change my meow when I want wet food. I think my People are getting the hint. I hope that this will help my coat be silky and smooth!

Any of you cats out there know of any solutions? PLEASE HURRY, before People#1 cuts out any more clumps of fur. The surface of my coat is starting to look like the craters of the Moon.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I don't like change

I am happy now that both my People are not running around the house like they're after a mouse. (That's my job.)

They are different these past few Sleeps. Not sitting in their chairs as usual. I miss my lap time. I want attention!

Many new People visiting which keeps me from sleeping. They bring in new bright lights, and new big machines they carry on their shoulders. They keep pointing them at me. Like big eyes. I look at the People for a while from my chair. I am bored, so I leave. They make loud noise when I do that.

New People are gone now. MY People #1 & #2 are sleeping all the time. Why are they so tired?

I am glad the other People leave. They smell funny and move fast. Almost step on me while I'm eating some Dry. I do not like this.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back!

People suddenly want to know more about me now. Even though I can be fierce sometimes, I am kinda shy. But I am also a ham. So here I yam. On this blog again.

One thing for sure. I like being HOME. No more traveling for a while. I hate staying in corporate apartments. In fact, when I'm in one of those big white cages, I hide underneath the bed covers. Totally.

I don't do that at ALL when I'm home!! This is my castle and I am very generous. My People can stay here with me, as long as they're good.

My People#1 is resting on this day when lots of them crawl onto their beds. NOW he is getting the right idea. Come join me, People#1. Keep me warm!

People#2 is too busy to be sleep-smart. He is sitting in his livingroom chair with that black box in his lap, waving his fingers over it like he always does. Maybe I will attack him again. I REALLY enjoy doing that.

Nawwww.....maybe later......zzzzzzz......