Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Trip Across The Country: May 4-9, 2009: DAY #1

Just when I think I cannot hide under the bedcovers at the corporate apartment in Hartford another day, we leave.

I am MORE than ready to go home to The Woods. I need to be outside! I can hardly remember what this is like. I am not allowed outdoors for six weeks now.

I do not meow (too much) when People #2 puts me on the passenger seat of the truck. I know that I will get home....eventually.

People #2 takes videos of the scenery flashing by. Especially when we come to places with different names. He likes to photograph the welcome signs on something called "States". I do not know what the big deal is -- you see one sign, you see them all.

Watching the scenery makes me dizzy sometimes. But it is not so bad when I sit up on the dashboard looking back, towards People #2. He usually says something nice to me, like what a cool and brave traveler I am.

Here are some still shots from THE VIDEO.

Yes, my fellow Pawpers, if I cannot be famous in Hollywood maybe I can be famous here, on The Kitty Blogs!

I milk this for all it is worth, and then some. I may spread these freeze-frames over a few days. So it is like you are with me the whole way across the country!


On the morning of May 4th, we leave the corporate apartment and drive down Big Noisy Road. Here we see downtown Hartford, where People #2 recently works.

I sleep. It starts to rain as we cross the border into a place called New York State. There goes People #2 with his video camera again.

I ask, "Are we home yet?"

Ringo says, "No, Rupert. Try to be patient like ME!"

People #2 sees a truck pass by and he starts to laugh. He whips out his video camera and takes movies of it. What's so funny about this truck anyhow?

Later he nearly misses the Pennsylvania sign, which flashes by in a blur. (Wait til you see the video! (which I post after I show you all the pictures).

Many hours pass. When the sun is low in the sky, we cross over into Ohio.

In Ohio, all the trucks suddenly slow down. They usually stay in the right lane. People #1 says that the speed limit is slower for trucks, but they go a bit faster than the sign says. It is just the wrong speed for People #1 to manuever around them!

A couple hours later, we finally stop for the night at a Motel 6 just north of Columbus.

The room smells bad. Then my Peoples are very upset when they find bedbugs! They tell me not to say anything about the sheets in this blog except that they are NOT clean.

End of Day #1. Come back tomorrow for the next installment!

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Forever Foster said...

You are the most travelled kitty we know, Rupert. And you are a heck of a lot more car tolerant than we are, that's for sure:)