Monday, November 23, 2009

Tempe-Durham Trip, Day #1

I am unusually quiet as People #1 loads me into the truck for our long journey. For some reason I do not feel like meowing.

(Secret: It is slightly less traumatic to travel at night. No hot, glaring sun.)

We pull Airstream out of the RV park at 9:15 p.m. Sunday and I will NOT miss Barking Dog!

We pick up People #2 in front of the theatre and it is good to see him.

We drive for a few hours and finally stop at a KOA kampground at 1:30 a.m. It is KUTE that they spell it with a "k" -- just like "kitty"!

It is in Holbrook, AZ in case you want to track our long journey.

Here is Airstream resting at the KOA this morning. She is not too tired yet.

I go into the bathroom to wait for the inevitable picking-up-and-hauling-me-off-to-the-truck routine.

I get a brief sniff of the outdoors on the very few steps between Airstream and Chevy Truck, then put inside Truck. Back to the LONG day of travel thing. I am used to this.

We plan to go all the way to Oklahoma City before stopping for the night. It is a twelve-hour drive from Holbrook but we have to cover 2000 miles in only three days!

A-PAW-lo-gies for not having time to visit all my favorite kitty blogs to make my usual clever comments, for the next several days. I look forward to reading about all your adventures after we finally reach our destination of Durham, NC.

CAT-cha later!


The Crew said...

No apologies necessary, Rupert. We don't comment every day either.

I agree with you about Barking Dog. I wouldn't miss him either!


-d ma said...

man oh man. you are quite the trooper.

brandi said...

What a traveler! Your Airstream reminds my mom of where she lived for a year when she was in college. Yup. A not as fancy as yours travel trailer. A whole year! Mama said it was cheap, and college kids have to mind their monies.

Busby and Raymond said...

Rupert, we will miss your clever comments while you travel but the show must go on!

Daisy said...

Happy travels to you!

Gracie =^o.o^= said...

Traveling, from what I hear is never easy. Wondering where you will be on this Thanksgiving day?

Sending blessings and best wishes to you, your family, and friends this Thanksgiving Day.

Grrreta said...

It must be nice having a passenger bean in the truck nice and close just in case you need snuggles or scritches. We hope you have a good trip to your next destination.

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

WE can't believe how brave you are being a traveling cat and all.
Hope you had a good turkey day!