Friday, January 30, 2009

Traveling Cat

MEOWS to all my feline friends, and many thanks for your good wishes after my surgery last month!

I am now fully recovered and wait for my fur to grow back. People #1 says that the "asymmetrical look" is back in fashion but I am not so sure. I think I look a little strange.

It's one of those things where you have to see me "in cat" in order to appreciate. This picture doesn't do it justice, but People #2 insists on documenting it here.

Since last month I am one busy cat. I sure travel a lot! I go from the beach to the valley and then back home to the mountains. I stay in the trailer all that time and it is home.

People #2 puts my food bowl on a ledge in the trailer shower so the dog doesn't help himself to my precious snacks.

But now I am in a corporate apartment in LA-LA land.

I am confused.

I do not like corporate apartments. They are big, unfamiliar spaces. They smell funny. There are strange noises in the walls and the ceilings.

I am bored with the sound of the idiot box. We don't have one at home.

But my People have it on almost all the time, so I think that they are bored, too.

My favorite thing to do in corporate apartments is hide under the bedcovers. People #2 is amazed that I can breathe under there. No problem, dude. I can stay there for hours on end.

Sometimes I come out and lounge on the smaller sofa in the livingroom while my People sit on the larger one. We all watch the idiot box and marvel at all the commercials about fitness, training machines, weight loss programs and even reduction surgery that are so popular here in Southern California. It is a very strange place.

The dog is here too. We have minimal contact. I pretty much ignore him, except when he gets too close to my face. Then I either I reach out with my claws or we touch noses. I like being unpredictable!

I hear my People talking about going home on Monday. I look forward to being able to go outside. It has been a long winter indoors!