Monday, November 16, 2009

Spring Road Trip Continued

Now I tell you about our time in Hartford.

We are there in late April. Two things happen that scare a lot of Peoples. I see this on something they call "Idiot Box" which is in the corporate apartment we stay in for two weeks.

My Peoples do not think I understand Idiot Box but I actually do. Please keep my secret!

We do not stay in Airstream (where there is no Idiot Box) in Hartford, because there is no convenient place to park her. People #1 says that the Northeast is not "RV-friendly", whatever that means.

So we stay in another corporate apartment. Back to the strange noises coming from the walls and ceiling!

I like the carpet and I like sitting on top of the couch. I dig my claws into it when my Peoples leave. Shhh, please do not tell!

My Peoples spend a lot of time sitting in front of Idiot Box, watching the images flicker on the screen and listening to the blare of Peoples voices. I sit on the back of the couch and pretend to ignore it. Just like I do with the dog.

Idiot Box is like a computer on steroids. Very noisy and obnoxious.

Anyway, the first scary news is this thing called Swine Flu. In April the story just gets bigger and bigger. I am very sensitive to Peoples' tone of voice, and the ones inside Idiot Box sound more and more scared as the days go by.

It is almost as though they LIKE being scared. Are they bored too?

I wish they call it "Piggy Flu", which reminds me of the story I hear about these pigs in their houses made of straw, wood and brick.

The other scary news is more local to Hartford. Suddenly Peoples find dead microbes in the water supply! They are little animals in the water which die and leave their skeletons behind. However they are supposed to NOT be harmful to Peoples.

I am offended that they say nothing about if it is harmful to cats. What are we, chopped liver? (mmm...that makes me hungry!)

So why do the Peoples in the Idiot Box scare everybody?

I do not like bad news so I hide under the covers a lot, just like in L.A. in the video. I do not have pictures of the bed in Hartford because a lump is a lump is a lump. If you see one you see them all.

The water scare lasts for a week. Finally the microbes go away. Bye-bye dead skeletons!

Finally we leave. I actually do not hate going back inside the truck so much this time. It means something new to see somewhere down the road! But of course I pretend to be upset. I have an image to maintain, you know.

People #2 puts me in the truck. Then People #1 brings out the dog. As Ringo jumps in the back seat, I look at him with just the slightest hint of contempt. Just to keep up appearances.

The view of the parking lot through the open door makes me curious but not enough to jump out. But a fellow can dream.

My People close the doors and we are moving! I am on People #2's lap and put my front paws on the windowsill. I am kind of glad to see Hartford in the rear-view mirror.

What's next? Our trip all the way back across the country, home to The Woods!


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a pretty wild Spring! Hope things are settling down. You look pretty cute in the front seat!

Purrs Goldie,Shade and Banshee

JB's Big and Small Worlds said...

It's great to see you back blogging! Looks like a crazy spring you had. You sure are brave sitting there. I would be way too scared!

Daisy said...

I think if they called it Piggy Flu, peoples would not be so scairted of it.

I'm glad the microbes didn't getcha!

The Crew said...

The key to maximum exposure is not posting every day, but getting out and visiting, commenting & making new friends. We all notice when someone new comments on a friend's blog and that's the way to get exposure. Of course, posting more often than in Jan, then Nov would help, too!


Rupert said...

Goldie & etc, JB: Yes, last Spring is crazy!

Daisy: I agree.

George: I promise to work on all that.

Cory said...

You could start the first show for cats on the travel channel!