Thursday, December 4, 2008

My New Scratching Post!

I wake up early this morning and my paws itch.

My claws are getting long and dull and I need to sharpen them!

This is done by scratching on something. When I'm in The Woods, there's lots of various kinds of old boards and logs to whale away on. When I'm indoors at home, I have a scratching thing made out of cardboard hung on the wall of the Music Room.

But my choices are rather limited in this small silver bullet. I can scratch on the carpet, but it's too close to where my People sit in front of their little black boxes at the desk. They might get mad.

In fact, I can count on that.

Anyway I gotta do something -- I'm going crazy here!

Maybe I should scratch on the sofa when my People are asleep, when it's folded out into a bed.

What a GRRREAT idea!

So I do it really early this morning. Scratch-scratch-scratch-scraaa....

"Stop that, Rupert!" both People scold me. Darn, I think they are asleep, but I'm wrong.

Their ears are unusually sharp whenever I do something they don't like. It never fails. I can't get away with squat!

My People leave me alone (again!) today and then they come back with a box with a picture of a kitty and scratching board on it. I suddenly catch a whiff of catnip and I am *ON* this thing like white on rice!

yeah. I love catnip. Who doesn't?

People #1 is the handyman of the family. I think he's getting ready to do something. He's looking at this blank wall...

He takes out that yellow thing which buzzes like an angry bee and starts making holes in the wall by the door with it.

He opens the box and takes stuff out, and I smell the catnip even stronger now. He sets one of the things by the door and I casually jump off the couch to investigate. Don't pay any attention to me!

I sniff from the bottom and work my way up. It's a good technique. Try it sometime.

The buzzing is louder now and I don't like the sound.

So I jump back up on the couch and do my most handsome poses, again very casually of course.

I decide to scratch quietly and ever-so-subtly on the couch one last time. Maybe They won't notice me. Ooops! Darn.

People #2 tells me to stop scratching on the couch; he says that I'm going to get something much better to scratch on very, very soon now.

Then People #1 puts down that yellow buzzing bee thing and comes toward me with a plastic bag. Suddenly the smell of catnip grows MUCH STRONGER!

People #1 takes away the bag of catnip way too soon. Bring it back, will you?

He spreads some of the herb on the cardboard.

He attaches it to the wall. Okay, now it's time to jump off the couch and check this out up close and personal!

"Ringo, you stay back! Give a cat some space!"

Here's a short video of my new scratching experience. My People are happy, and more importantly, *I* am happy!!


Everycat said...

Very impressive human training there Rupert. That's a great scratching post, look slike you are really enjoying it too.

Have a great weekend

Whicky Wuudler

Poetikat said...

I have to tell you Rupert, you are one handsome guy!
Did you get some catnip up your nose? Red does that too. Have your people put some catnip in a sock and tie one end, so you can carry it around and roll with it. That's fun too.
Your new scratching post on the door looks really neat, though. I guess it's a good thing that Ringo's paws are too big to fit on it.

I'll come back (and we'll think about your idea for a blog for Red, Daisy, Blanche and Gilber). We tried one on Wordpress once, but it didn't take off. Maybe Blogger's the way to go.

See you later (oh, and our guys find that scratching UNDER the chairs is a good way to hide your handiwork - just a tip from Red).


Daisy said...

Good scratching, Rupert!

Grrreta said...

I'm very impressed that your people went to all that work to give you the perfect scratching post...with catnip! Unless they cover the sofa with catnip...

Forever Foster said...

Ohhh that looks like it felt good to be able to scritch scratch away! Well done for having your people so well taught!:)