Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back!

People suddenly want to know more about me now. Even though I can be fierce sometimes, I am kinda shy. But I am also a ham. So here I yam. On this blog again.

One thing for sure. I like being HOME. No more traveling for a while. I hate staying in corporate apartments. In fact, when I'm in one of those big white cages, I hide underneath the bed covers. Totally.

I don't do that at ALL when I'm home!! This is my castle and I am very generous. My People can stay here with me, as long as they're good.

My People#1 is resting on this day when lots of them crawl onto their beds. NOW he is getting the right idea. Come join me, People#1. Keep me warm!

People#2 is too busy to be sleep-smart. He is sitting in his livingroom chair with that black box in his lap, waving his fingers over it like he always does. Maybe I will attack him again. I REALLY enjoy doing that.

Nawwww.....maybe later......zzzzzzz......


Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

Hello, I've signed in using my two-legs name.
I just wanted you to know that it's a pleasure to meet another good looking, literate cat.
I'll be checking in on you.

Rupert said...

Cheddar, please post a photo of yourself!

I am surrounded by male Peoples and I could really use a look at a good....well, you know what I mean.

Anyway it is good to make your acquaintance!

Paws 'n claws,


Candace said...

Hello, Rupert. I'm using my 2-legs's black box, too. I have 6 toes on each foot, so I'm the official typist of the group. There are 4 of us all, and we are really enjoying your blog. We, too, have come to loathe corporate apartments and hotels, and are very glad to be settled in a home again. Our two-legs assure us that we won't be going through that again any time soon.

I think I hear my food bowl being filled. Later!

~Trillian (and Enya, Jet and Emmett)

Rupert said...

RRREEEOOOWWW to meet you, Trillian, Enya, Jet and Emmett.

I wish to have six toes on each foot. Better scratching! Better traction!

I'm happy you like my blog.

There's sunshine on the bed so I'm OUTTA here. Later.

Paws 'n claws,


J. said...

Rupert: Leave the poor bloke alone. Do you realize where your kibble comes from?