Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Rainy Day

Okay, I am getting tired of the rain now. Two days of it is plenty.

I don't like going out and getting wet.

But I DO like sleeping. A lot.

The only advantage of rain is that my wet and muddy paws are purrrfect for making cool patterns on the bedspread.

As you know, interior design is my new thing. Fabrics are my specialty.

My art work is done for the day. Now I'm going to stretch and go back to sleep.


Candace said...

Do you mind having your tummy rubbed, Rupert? It looks so inviting. :) You are quite the artiste. Have you read "Why Cats Paint"?

Rupert said...

I like having my tummy rubbed for about five seconds.

Then I usually give love-bites. And scratches. But nothing serious. A little nip, a little bunny-kick with the back legs.

I do not know this book "Why Cats Paint". I'll meow for that for Christmas.

But People #2 is rather dense when it comes to my meowing. He always assumes it's because I want food or to go outside.

Hailey said...

Hello there, Rupert! My cat, Mu, is anxious to meet you, as she keeps staring at your blog and playing with the letters on the screen. She's pretty cute, too ;)

Good luck with your new interior decorating endeavor!

Andreea said...

Hello Rupert, my name is Schnappi, I am a tom cat too. My people found me on the street, when I was just a little kitten, after three days of constant loud meowing. I am quite a meower! And your techniques are very inspiring. I have been trying out my night meow for a couple of nights now! My people woke up all right, and gave me a tummy rub and some fresh water, but they went back to bed right afterwards. Dear Rupert, I am interested in finding out how I could keep them more active during night, when playing, you must admit, is best?

mzzim said...

Cameron, what a great blog. I love rupert, especially his chair art and how proudly he sits in the background admiring his work.

So you did move..hopefully it will stop raining soon for you and your paw printing artist buddy, Rupert.

wynnyelle said...

Another blogging cat! My cats blog too, you can see them on my blog. I love longhaired kitties!

felinesopher said...

meaouww Rupert...where have you been these days, we're waiting furr your latest story;)
try to sneak-peak and hav ur vote on black cats-superstitious in
See ya around!

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