Friday, January 21, 2011

Playing Nurse

All this week, People #2 has the flu and lies in bed most of the day.

I take excellent care of him, as all cats do when their Peoples do not feel well. We sense these things, you know. We rise to the occasion.

I spend most of my time lying on the bed next to him. Sometimes within petting distance, and sometimes not.

People #2 spends a lot of time reading and sleeping. (Hey, I need to take a break to wash my face.)

Sometimes I push against the corner of his book to mark it. This is NOT the kind of "bookmark" that Peoples use, but it sure feels good to me.

This week, the weather is cold at night and almost warm during the day. Today is sunny too, which makes it feel like Spring!

People #2 feels better today, so both of them go outside for a few minutes to get some sun. I accompany them.

As usual, People #2 drags out his camera and takes pictures of me. He must have a MILLION of them by now!  But who can blame him? I am very photogenic, after all.

Here I am looking out over my meadow. Yes, MINE! I am King of all I survey.

 "Looking to the right..."

  "...and to the LEFT..."

Now I am going to walk over towards the barn... nibble on some GRASS! He even takes a video of me. This is special!

How exciting is this? Plenty.

Yum-yum, it tastes good. It is especially nice when the weather is warm. I do not like eating grass when it is cold, wet or worse yet, when it is frozen.

If you look closely, you may see some gnats flying around while I eat. Hey, this is January. You guys should not be out for another month or so!

At the 28-second mark, you can hear dogs barking in the distance and then my reaction a couple seconds later. Also, of course, you can hear the river in the background.

As you can see, I have a very hard life. ;-)


The Creek Cats said...

Looks like you have a very great life!! :)

The Island Cats said...

Hi Rupert! We're glad People #2 is feeling better! It was nice that you got to go out in your yard and nom some grass.

Cat said...

Cats make the best nurses, don't you think?

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Hi Rupert! We are sorry we are late coming by - we hope your people #2 is doing better by now! And boy it was good of you to take care of him. And we love the pictures of you in the meadow - so cute!

Black Cat said...

Hey Rupert, you are excellent in every way! )XXX

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yep, we can see you have a very hard life. uh-huh