Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello Again, Friends!

You all know what a busy cat I am, traveling all over the place for six years now!

These days I do not travel quite so much. Most of it is within a couple hundred miles of home.

This is good because I like staying in The Woods best.

Now I have more time to entertain you with blog posts. My life is endlessly fascinating, and I am very photogenic.

For months, I meow and meow and MEOW at People #2 to help me type my blog. My paws are too big and stubby to type properly. I make a lot of mistakes which takes too much of my time (you all know what a busy cat I am)! I need help from my People.

It will take some training to get People #2 back up to speed on the blog.

Speaking of training, I finally get him to open the back door when I scratch and bump against it wanting to come in for a nibble. People #1 is similarly trained. I put them through their paces at least five times a day.

I am also very proud of training People #2 to escort me to my food bowl in the kitchen, to make sure that it is full. There is often food in the bowl already, but we cats have to keep our People on our toes!

People #2 sometimes tries to pull a fast one by *NOT* filling the bowl and just shaking up the dry food that is already there, and then setting it down. Who do you think he is fooling? Not me!

I humor him by eating it, but then I get my revenge a few minutes later by coming up to him (the 'meow, meow, MEOW' routine) to ask for more food. Yes, I eat it all. Fill 'er up!

Soon I bring you more up-to-date on my travels and life. But for now, just make sure that you go outside regularly and keep your food bowl filled!


The Island Cats said...

Welcome back, Rupert!! We can't wait to hear more about what's going on with you!!

Laila and Minchie said...

RUPERT! We have missed you! It's great to have you back. Looking forward to your next post.

Kat Mortensen said...

Ha ha! Welcome back, Rupert! We have similar antics er, experiences here. Gilbert is always hungry. I mean ALWAYS! He eats, he walks away for five minutes and then he's back in the kitchen.
Red howls and howls and howls for his food when we are in the middle of watching our favourite shows and Daisy, she MUST have her strokes before she will eat anything!

We all look forward to your updates, Rupert. You're still as handsome as ever, by the way.

Love Kat and the Hyggecats