Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm back!

People suddenly want to know more about me now. Even though I can be fierce sometimes, I am kinda shy. But I am also a ham. So here I yam. On this blog again.

One thing for sure. I like being HOME. No more traveling for a while. I hate staying in corporate apartments. In fact, when I'm in one of those big white cages, I hide underneath the bed covers. Totally.

I don't do that at ALL when I'm home!! This is my castle and I am very generous. My People can stay here with me, as long as they're good.

My People#1 is resting on this day when lots of them crawl onto their beds. NOW he is getting the right idea. Come join me, People#1. Keep me warm!

People#2 is too busy to be sleep-smart. He is sitting in his livingroom chair with that black box in his lap, waving his fingers over it like he always does. Maybe I will attack him again. I REALLY enjoy doing that.

Nawwww.....maybe later......zzzzzzz......