Friday, April 13, 2007

I don't like change

I am happy now that both my People are not running around the house like they're after a mouse. (That's my job.)

They are different these past few Sleeps. Not sitting in their chairs as usual. I miss my lap time. I want attention!

Many new People visiting which keeps me from sleeping. They bring in new bright lights, and new big machines they carry on their shoulders. They keep pointing them at me. Like big eyes. I look at the People for a while from my chair. I am bored, so I leave. They make loud noise when I do that.

New People are gone now. MY People #1 & #2 are sleeping all the time. Why are they so tired?

I am glad the other People leave. They smell funny and move fast. Almost step on me while I'm eating some Dry. I do not like this.